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Having Children of her own, Sandra Candia, the founder of Be The Change Permian Basin found that battles aren't always fought on the fields of war-torn enemies, rather students fight their own internal battles on the grounds of their campuses. Therefore, in October 2011, from private donation funds raised by Sandra herself, the first Challenge Day was provided to 400 students of the Midland Christian campus. The following year, a planning committee comprised of MISD counselors, Suicide Coalition members, youth pastors, teachers, and parents, raised donations to serve hundreds of more Midland students. With such a success record of the program and the students it serviced, Sandra founded Be The Change Permian Basin. An organization now committed to empowering students to be the positive change they desire to see in the world.

We are dedicated to continue raising funds so that more schools in the Permian Basin can benefit from our successful programs.

Notice. choose. act.

Be the change you wish to see in the world - Ghandi

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